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AOV is established since 2009. It was started by a group of experience and passionate outdoor lovers coming together to share and promote outdoor teambuilidng activity such as mountain climbing, Paintball, Jet Ski, Rope Adventure Course and more. It takes many hardship for the group to build up the facilities which is now call “Outdoor Learning & Adventure Asia Park” (OLA Park) and has expanded with more and more activities and continue to share, promote and gaining experience. We are now capable tof handling small group size to big group size up to 200 participant or more. 

Over the years, we have organized many unforgettable teambuilding program or event for corporate, company, friends, family, interest groups to enhance the group bonding, building self-confidence, trust, decision making skills, communication, leadership and teamwork. While many play to have fun, organizations and corporations are finding our activities to be a activity which promotes corporate camaraderie, increases team work within the company and enhances employees’ leadership skills.

Our facilities and equipment are periodically maintained, cleaned, serviced and check for it safety to provide the most comfortable experience for all. Our instructors are highly competent in the delivery proram and give complete attention to your needs and safety. They are constantly putting on job training and internal training to ensure individual competecy level is alway maintained.

If you wish to organize team building program or activity for your organization, company or friend and family gathering, birthday party etc, regardless of the  group size, contact us and allow our experience staff to assist you in organizing the program.

For any queries, contact or email us and is our pleasure to be able to serve you. We hope to hear from you in the near future. Thank and a good day.