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*Promotion for advance Booking only. 
Usual Rate: RM 148/person 

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Overview: This is one of the most exciting and wanted Challenge that boost team spirit, the trust and individual confident and guarantee you with the excitement, the endless experience and fun! Paintball is all about people.

You will be form into teams and assign with missions to fulfill. Each mission is getting more and more challenging each time and each team will go all the way to accomplish the ir mission in the fun of hiding and shooting. During the missions, y ou quickly learn that success comes by working together and that’s the best strategy in the world and unconsciously it promote team spirit, individual confident and trust among the team. You will get drained out during the game but the excitement just keep you and the team going till the mission is accomplished.

Challenge Field: There are two specially designed challenge Field available. The urban and jungle challenge field , bothare unique at our park that you won’t find it elsewhere . So, don’t miss it! The urban field is an open sandy ground and has hiding obstacle and ambush spot such as the wooden crates, cars, barrel that allow you to snake through, hide and shoot. Strategic planning, teamwork, leadership is key-point to be the empire of the ground .  The jungle field is of nature setting with trees canopy and obstacles such as trees, wooden crates and barrel making a good camouflage spot and allow you tactically blast through with surprise attack. Collaboration, trust and self-confidence is the key to be the king of the jungle.

Events: The activity can be organized in many occasions and is a great chance to get away ,and taking a break from the everyday routine life .  The activities are perfect for company team-building event , friends gathering , family fun. group outing, recreational sport day , adventure experience trip, school outing trip, birthday party, or just a gathering etc. We welcome all form of functions and we are sure you and your team will have an awesome and a memorable time with us! It is a truly brilliant outing event.


ü  500 paintballs    ü   Face Mask    ü  Body Vest     ü  Paintball Marker     ü   Urban Challenge Field

ü  Jungle Challenge Field     ü   Game Master    ü   Approx. 2 hour duration


ü  Cover-all rental      ü  Shoe rental     ü   Hand-glove           ü  Paintball  top-up  

ü   Drink                   ü   Snack             ü  BBQ Pit rental*      ü  Food Catering Service* 

* advance booking required