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(1) Is Advance Booking required for paintball and other activities?

Yes, you will have to book in advance and receive a confirmation by  email from us before arrival. This allow us to reserve the slot for you and minimize the waiting time.  Note that all priority are given to  guest that has made the advance booking.

(2) How can I make a booking?

Booking can be made via our website  or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please  include your name, date and time arrival, number of participants, preferred package. Upon received your booking, we will send you the booking details including the booking particulars, the total cost, the deposit payment, payment mode and the terms and conditions for your per usual.

(3) How do I  make the deposit to  confirm the booking?

Once you received the booking information, check the booking details are correct. To confirm the booking, you need to make a 50% deposit  (amount are stated in the booking detail). The deposit can be made to our Singapore bank account or Malaysia bank account that are stated in the booking details. Once we received the deposit, a booking confirmation will be email to you.

(4) How do I get to  the Park?

If you are driving, you can check out the driving direction at our website link . If you wish to hire a coach bus to bring you to our park, we do p rovide transport service. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(5) What is the operation hour of the Park?

We open from Monday  Sunday including Public Holiday and the daily operating hour is from 9.30am   5.30pm.

(6) What shall I do upon arrival at the site?

Upon arrival, proceed to the reception and our staff will assist you  accordingly. Note that you need to sign the indemnity form and make the full payment before the game.

(7) What if it rains on  the game day?

If the rain fall during the game, the game will be on-hold till the rain stop and the game will resume. However, if the rain continues such that it  doesnt allow the game to continues, our  staff will suggest to postpone the event with the next preferred date.  When the rain fall before the start of the game, you can choose to postpone the game or you might want to wait for the rain to stop and continues the game. Please note that the deposit payment is not refundable.

(8) How long is the game duration?

It is depend on the package that you have chosen. For a typical 500 paintball, the games should last at about 1.5  2 hours or less including the logistic and safety briefing.

(9) Is there an age limit to participate?

Yes, participants must be 12 years old and above and must able to fit  to the equipment provided. Participants between 12  17 years old would require parental consent to play. Players will be asked to show their identity card for verification of age by our staff.

(10) What should I wear  for the activities?

Covered shoe such as sport shoe is compulsory for all  activities. Loose long sleeves and long pants are highly encouraged in the paintball game  as it help to prevent direct “stinging” feeling from the paintball shots and can prevent sun burn  too. However, you can also rent the cover-all from the reception upon arrival.  No bare foot or body is allowed during all activities and we reserve the rights to reject any participant for inappropriate attire.

(11) Willthe paintball stain my  clothing?

No, paintball stains are washable. Nevertheless, we do advise participants to wear clothes that are inexpensive and dispensable. Stained clothings should be washed immediately after event so as to prevent dye from getting into the clothing fabric. You can also rent the cover-all to minimize the stain of the paintball to your clothing.

(12) Are there any shower facilities available?

Yes, we have the basic shower facilities in our field. However, do bring your own toiletries and towels.

(13) Is paintball a safe activity?

In every activities or sport we do, there is always a certain amount of risks that are involved.Paintball is a safe activity as long as rules and regulations are strictly followed.  However, individuals with health problems such as heart conditions, nervous disorder, pregnancy, etc should not participate.

(14) Can we made our own arrangement for catering of food and beverage in the park?

We do not allow any own arrangement of catering of food and beverage in the park without our acknowledgement and authorization. We only work with our trust and  certified caterer that know our procedures to arrange the catering service at our park such that cleanliness and hygiene is well taken care wi th and does not  disturb to other participants in the park. We reserve the right to reject the unauthorized catering. Kindly contact us if you need catering services that we can assist you to make the arrangement. Please also note that additional park space charges applied.

(15) Can we bring our own Paintball to the park?

We strictly do not allow outside paintball to bring in to our park. If you need additional paintball, you can purchase at our reception. Note that we have the right to dismiss you from the field without any refund for bringing in your own paintball.

(16) How many types of fields you have?

There are 3 different types of field for paintball (The Urban, Jungle and the Speedball Field) and 1 Bubble Ball Field and 1 Archery Field.

If you haveother question which is not listed above, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +6016 7606 184 / +6019 7733 606